People Make The Brand

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In an increasingly diverse organizational climate, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion themes started to take place on the agenda of the business world as a subject of interest. Today, many organizations realize that DEI efforts are starting to have meaningful impacts on all their stakeholders and provide a competitive advantage. However, DEI is not just a top-down initiative. Executives consider diversity when making hiring and promotion decisions, product developers tend to understand the needs of underrepresented groups before they bring new products to market, human resources recognize the indispensability of an embracing language for a meaningful business climate. It is not easy but it is possible to become equitable institutions that can put aside biases and fight against inequality and discrimination, in which everyone can have a real say in decision-making mechanisms.

In its 10th anniversary, People Make The Brand, builds a dialogue environment where the leaders from organizations, experts from academic institutions and real-life stories come together to embrace our differences which are the prerequisites for a more equal life, and discuss about the importance of equity on the journey to understand each other.